Donald Trump’s Ideological Test For Immigrants:

Dear Muslim migrants and potential US citizens. We understand why you would want to come to this amazing country that bequeathed the world our Supreme Leader Donald Trump. To assess your viability to be a law-abiding, non-jihad participating citizen we ask that you answer the following questions:

  1. How do you feel about ISIS?
    - Good
    - Bad
    - Scared
    - Wish I had a Trump steak as comfort food right now

2. How do you feel about the veil?
- All women should wear it
- It is a personal choice
- No women should wear it
- Women who aren’t Ivanka Trump should wear it out of shame because they will never rival her in beauty

3. What do you think about polygamy?
- I am all for it
- I am against it
- I would be for it if I could satisfy multiple women the way Donald Trump does but, alas, out of jealousy I am against it

4. What is your favorite afternoon snack?
- Ham and cheese sandwich
- Nothing says America like a double bacon cheeseburger
- The blood of infidels
- Taco bowls from Trump Tower, I love hispanics!

5. Where do you like to vacation?
- Raqqa, I hear it’s lovely this time of year
- Copa Obama formerly known as Guantanamo Bay
- I’ve always wanted to see Mount Rushmore
- Who has time for vacation while pursuing the glorious fruits of the American Dream?
- Anywhere where there is a Trump Tower

6. Would you vote for Donald Trump?
- Yes
- Absolutely
- I don’t see why not
- All of the above

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