Zen Fortress

By Hunter Keyser

Ah, yes

How a room should look: nothing in it

Corners visible

Fan dangles center, it is revealed

Debris floods carpet where cover was

Now floor sprawls,

Ground is furniture

Walls stand guard the zen fortress

Energy is released from hot spots

Circles the room exits through door and window

Room becomes universe




I entune with the simplicity

Bed-Room, No Bed

Floor is Bed

Floor is chair

Floor is easy,

Extension of Earth, grounded

Ever-present, really

No packing or unpacking

It is the bed of origin

We are born into its comfort

And now I reconnect.

Echoes discourage propagation of sound.


Room becomes void,

The fullest of things

Does not demand nor deliver,

Simply is

Does not ask nor answer

Save the echoes, of course

But these remind you not to ask, either.

Space Empty

Mind Clear

Purpose Simplified

Room: Shelter

Sit center

Meditate, Centered

Sleep Center.

What else?