Our people’s 20 word stories with happy endings

How happy? We don’t know

Naveendhar Venkatesan, DAV, SSN@2015

Enters elevator. Beethoven’s symphony.
Presses 9. Lift stops between 7–8.
Holds alarm bell. Beethoven’s plays again.

Varun Ravikumar, SNU@2015, State College, Pennsylvania

Graduate life. New Year’s Eve. 
No transportation. Walk 45 minutes to campus.
All buildings locked. A sign on the door — Happy New year.

Sundara Rajan, SNU@2015

Siemens healthcare systems, 1st week.
Seat beside manager.
I crash an angiogram project with one line of code.
First major failure for the company in 15 years.
‘I’m fired for good’ I think.

Ishan Gupta, SNU 2nd year

Blood test. Fear of sharp things.
Pointiest needle I’ve seen, ready.
Hands clutched.

Balakumaran, SNU@2015

Big internship. Boss scolds bad. 4hrs travel too.
I resign.
2 hours later, boss calls me up.

Karthik Subramanian, SNU final year

Exams? A thing of the past. 
A degree in my hand, well, almost :)
This year has been kind. *smiles*

Lakshmi Ravi, SNU 2nd year

Major term paper. Deadline 12am. 
Now, 11:59PM. Quickly attach file. Send.
Next morning, *yawn**stretch* ‘Shit, wrong file.’

Rakshitha Siva, SNU 2nd year

One subject. Major. 
A whole semester’s effort.
One grade.
x.xx — 1 number. 2 decimal points. 3 digits.
Scholarship Engineering in SNU vs. Unknown back home.

Sai Charan, SNU@2015, ISB@2018 — YLP

Night before GMAT.
 Nightmares from all the time whiled away.
& crushed by my parents’ patronising backdrop. 
Excruciatingly, morning dawns.
Palpable tension validated by a finger too wet to scan.
Four hours later I exit the hall, overwhelmed to string words out to my dad eagerly outside.

Anagh Narain, SNU final year

Late night. Dessert Craving.
Walk into the friendly neighborhood bakery. The Tiramisu showcase is empty. Empty Heart. Empty Stomach.
“We might have something in the back.”

Anannya Dasgupta (ADG), Prof@SNU, School of Humanities

Make a to-do list. Two columns. 
List item. List deadline. Done.
Do what’s not on the list. Write a gratitude.

Ganesh Srinivas, SNU 3rd year

Sandal falls into the gap between Karnataka SK Exp. & Nagpur’s platform.
I lower myself into, not completely. My foot struggles for it. A loud horn.

Ritu, DAV, St.Joseph’s 3rd year

Dupatta clad. Bike stops.Gets off the pillion.
Papa waits at the doorstep.

Siddharth Ganesh, SNU@2015

Cluster tournament semifinals. A scope for nationals.
Nil-Nil. Full time plus extra time. Penalty shootout.
I miss the first penalty.

Gautham G, DAV, NITtrichy@2015

Called into H.O.D’s,
disciplinary action,
they discuss dismissal from col.
In the end, was asked to spy on class

Aditi Seth, SNU@2015

College fest!
‘Dad, let me drive down to campus?’ I beg.
Driving! Three more friends in the car. Suddenly a truck swerves left! *crash*

Abhishek Sharma, SNU@2015

7 years old. In the balcony. Low railing. Climbed atop an inverted bucket.
Water collected at the rim.

Tanveer Ahmed, DAV, Manipal final year

Sessional exam. *Starts from theory questions*
Q1. Name the factors affecting transit capacity? (3m)
Me — … … …
 *Turns to objective questions.*
Q1: Which of these is not a factor affecting transit capacity?
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