1. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder (an ephemeral episode) #DRG

The decision to head early to my lab today morning (I decided to bid adieu to my friend before heading to the lab, as he was leaving for India) proved to be enchanting in an invigorating sense. It had rained earlier that morning and as I walked from the campus bus-stop to the lab, the rich smell emanating from the bare trees, touched by winter’s cold, was a magical experience with trees dancing around in the wind and calling out to me by showering me with droplets of water (yeah, I did not use an umbrella or rain-coat). This teeny-weeny episode just made my day and realize that ‘beauty’ is all around us and it requires the eyes of the beholder to appreciate it.

Right now, sitting in the lab and listening to my ‘Cholinergic’ playlist has incited my reflective mode (my default state of being). Nature has been ‘very’ kind to grant me with fully ‘functional’ sensory organs to perceive the little or ‘ordinary’ things in life which most human-beings take for granted. But can a blind or deaf person experience the same level of ‘sensuality’ (defined in the context of senses)? I am just grateful to what I have been naturally endowed with and will continue to perceive the world through a lens of amazement and wonder just as a new-born would.

Thus concludes my first brief post (on the spur of the moment decision!)

Buona giornata!!

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