Dublin, Ireland: A place where temperatures can drop as low as -6 deg C and feel a lot worse owing to the rains drenching every dry spot 90% of the year and the unyielding wind speeds on 60 kmph. While the weather can be the enemy, we just continue fighting the war and working diligently out on the field every single day. The 3 km walk to the field is flanked by check posts guarded by site safety officers. Their job is equivalent to traffic marshaling but only within the work site.

One such check post at the very center of the sire is watched by a middle-aged man who goes by the name of Tommy. As I cross the check post everyday, I make it a point to wish him good morning. After about one month of this routine, he stops me and says ‘Thank you for your cheerful wishes every day. My name is Tommy. And yours?’

Me: Hi Tommy. My name is Khyati.

Tommy: ‘Even I wouldn’t forget a name like that. Keep the smile going. India is a beautiful country.’

For such hard working good Samaritans, for short but beautiful conversations, for small joys that make my day, for cheerful optimistic people, I am very very grateful!