Heat #DRG

Beginning of the week, a brand new day. I wake up at 4.00 am and with the university re-opening today (classes start next week), I decide to embark on a fresh routine henceforth. With a plan in mind, I catch the first bus to campus in hopes of starting my day with a bout of swimming. But as luck goes, I discover that the building in question opens an hour later from my current time.

Stranded at -10 degree Celsius, with snow flakes cascading upon my shoulders, I make the long walk to my lab (hoping that the building (in which my lab is housed in) is open, hope is a very powerful motivator). By the grace of Fortuna (the goddess of luck), the building opens its doors for me and welcomes me to its heated confines. Sitting in my lab and now writing this post, I am hence grateful to the existence of the quantity termed ‘heat’, and more specifically to the heating system(s) available within the edifices of this beautiful campus.

(In general, I feel grateful to the little things around me which aid my journey of existence)

Zaoshang hao!!

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