I liked office more than I liked clubbing

More clarity on the life I want to live

I clubbed at the 10 Downing street restobar, Chennai, today.

I believed I really loved to party. Today, I’ve come to doubt it. We (colleagues) had a really good time clubbing today. But it wasn’t as gratifying as a good day at work, cracking a hard problem, or taking a hot water bath after a good night’s sleep.

It wasn’t as good as writing down a list of things I want to get done today and getting it done. Or as good as a train journey by myself home with a book. Or even finishing a newspaper.

It definitely wasn’t as good as a good workout. Or a walk in the night with a close friend’s life I really care about. Or reading a really long article where every paragraph gave something to process.

I’ve been taking cabs the past couple of days and I don’t like that. I like the train better. I feel refreshed after taking one. It always takes the same amount of time. The regularity is liked by brain. And I feel like I’m more a part of the city. And I like the view from the top.

These days I don’t even feel like trying to make the effort to try new dishes. I’m happy to order Briyani wherever I go. Or have someone else order for me.
Every paneer tastes the same. Every dal, every dosa tastes the same. My thoughts are always on something more important.

I realize I’ve begun to get a relieving clarity on the things I enjoy doing, and the things I care very little about.

Cheers and gratitude to clarity, freedom, purpose and the serenity focus brings. I know just what to order from life. And I’ll be happy to have it.