Life #DRG16

Today as I sat reading Ranjit’s love letter to himself, I couldn’t help but wonder at the long way each one of us has come. From where we started to where we are today.

From a studious girl in school to the Face of SNU in college to now working on this amazing project at Altran.

Despite all my negativity towards SNU or for that matter towards life in general during that ‘Why me?’ phase, come to think of it, it has all pieced together rather well.

I will be honest in saying I was not pleased joining a place like SNU, in the middle of Dadri, a place I had never heard about before — let’s just say it was not what I expected from life.

I use the word ‘expected’ because no matter how much we deny it, it is our expectations from our self, from our life that make us who we are. That make us work towards a goal. And I for one always had high expectations for myself. Needless to say not being able to stand up to them was equally heartbreaking! Quite literally.

Last year, 2015, was not particularly good for me. There were some troubles with respect to almost every aspect of my life as I knew it. But now that I look back, I made it! I got through it. And the results are splendid.

I am more focused towards my career than ever before, I have a goal in life, I know what my priorities are. All I needed was one so called ‘bad year’ to actually sit and think about what I really want in life. What it is that makes me tick.

I am rather grateful for last year, for all the things it taught me, for everything I have done and been through.

Obviously I did not realise this last year itself. And for most of us, we will not realise, until much later, how something ‘perceived’ as ‘bad’ by us actually becomes a turning point in our life. Launching us into something better. Something wonderful. Something called life.

And I am ever so grateful for it. Being positive is a state of mind, which I am learning now, it’s only self depreciation that pulls us down, because willingly we let it. We cause it.

I am thankful for this new thought process, for this realisation, had 2015 never happened I might not even be on this path right now!

Where this may/may not lead, might be a story for a later time.

For now I am content and thankful for the way things are shaping up. For life.