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New People on Facebook

I’ve been searching pages on&off to land a job at Saint-Gobain for a month now because my only prospective contact had flown to germany for higher studies a year ago, I found out on facebook, leaving me no clue on how to proceed.

I was weary of the searches that lead nowhere yesterday & decided to simply search for available Saint-Gobain groups in facebook. And there were plenty. Found an Indian group. Chose an admin, a friendly, social guy who’d attended a government college, who seemed to have worked at Saint-Gobain Glass.

Active profile — his status on Jan 1:

Let’s pray for a new year filled with joy , love & humanity 
Wish u everyone a very happy new year 2016

I sent him a cold friend request.

In 5 minutes, it was accepted.

I introduced myself and my need & said if I could ask him a few questions in small continuous bursts of message.

‘Yes pls ask’ he said. I did. He generously showed me a person on his friend list & gave me his whatsapp number too, and said he’d know all these things.

These two seemed like dear friends. Thrilled on finally making progress, I whatsapped his friend politely and added:

Mr. S put me in touch with you because he thought you could help me out with some information.

And as the conversation unfolded, he said okay let me help you and sent me the email address of the HR HEAD-Saint Gobain-INDIA. And also added, he’d have recommended me had I a tiny bit of work-ex. Plus a,

Yes but of course if u have any questions u can come back

I am fully grateful to beneficent strangers like the two, available on facebook & elsewhere, who say

Ok. How may I help you?

to proceed and lavish one with help.

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