Picking out things that went right

So on a day you are sick as a dog, have a kind of day at work where you don’t have a single minute free from 10:00–4:30 so that you feel sicker than you started out, and then there is a 40 minute wait at the phatak when you can’t wait to get home — what can you be grateful for?

  1. Jaideep gave me a ride going in and coming back so I had a little more time resting at home. I also got a ride to the pharmacy and didn’t have to drive myself there.
  2. Jaya gave me a beautiful journal.
  3. Param’s SOP is looking good.
  4. I wrote about 800 emails to sort out about 323 things, and most things look like they maybe sorted. What didn’t get sorted, will. eventually.
  5. Oh, and at the pharmacy, I missed a step and I could have fallen flat on my face and smashed it in the process, but I managed to not fall or hurt myself. Nice save. Big one.
  6. Paromita convinced me to get into bed and relax and write the paper for JU tomorrow!