Last week and a few days after that had been a tough time.

Thanks to a few people for being there and getting me through, either physically or virtually.

First is Gayathri Menon. She gave me strength to actually face everything like a warrior and I’m grateful to have her as a great friend.

Second is Mehak Shandilya. Inspite of the preparation for her boards right now, she keeps in touch with me and helps me throughout by giving advice and supporting me.

Third is Vaibhav Suryavanshi. Although you were very shy talking to me as we just started talking, you made me smile by sending those funny and empowering WhatsApp messages. Terribly apologize it took so long for us to get along. I enjoy your company & I wish to befriend you.

Fourth is Shreeja. She is one of the most amazing, non-judgemental people I’ve met. I took all the support I could from her.

And fifth, Ranjit, thank you for such an inspiring mail. All credit goes to you. You triggered the entire process of me getting through the exhausting time.

Thank you all. I value you a lot.