To my cute little cousins!

It’s 11:30 when I started writing this note! It just feels like the last minute assignments we used to write during the college days! Though I had the strong urge to skip DRG today, I gathered some inspiration to sit down and write the note!

Reaching my uncle’s home after work, I got to know that my little sister has an exam tomorrow. Even though there was disturbance from the other two kids in the house, I was helping her with the exam portions and time just went off in a jiffy.

Trying my best to write my gratitude note, I sat down with my laptop after everyone went to sleep. The one-year old uncle’s kid came rushing towards me and started playing with me and the other two followed suit. They didn’t let me do any work and kept pestering me. I tried persuading them to go to sleep, but they didn’t budge. Finally, I gave up and started playing with them. And at that instance, I realized how much I have missed playing with these small, cute kids.

I just thank these little cuties for showing me how much we get engrossed in the work only to ignore the real happiness around us.

Done at 11:59! Just like old times :’)

Tschuss! Bis Morgen!