Self Love in the Time of a Pandemic

Spending extra time with our partners is fabulous, but what about our alone time?

Demeter deLune
Mar 20 · 4 min read
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Most of us have been given a lot of extra time with our families this past week. With an unsure future, this can be viewed as a blessing or a curse. I choose to see it as a blessing. Working from home is something I’ve done for years as a freelancer. My husband, not so much.

He’s a mover. Being still is not in his nature. The idea of sitting behind a desk for hours on end, quite frankly, makes him want to commit murder. He needs to constantly be doing something.

Since we have a three-year-old son in the house, that something, unfortunately, isn’t me.

That’s not to say we’re not still having amazing sex, it’s just not freaky circus sex all over the house all the time like it would be, sans three-year-old. Oh, and don’t forget the in-laws.

And that’s okay.

In a time when we’re all forced to spend in inordinate amount of time together, it’s imperative we find moments for ourselves. Sexy and otherwise.

Alone time is important. Self love is important.

Recently, I’ve acquired two new sex toys I’ve been wanting to try. In our house, nap time is my time. My husband isn’t usually home, our son is sleeping, and this Mommy is ready to read naughty words (usually thanks to Yael Wolfe and Ena Dahl) and take to her bed.

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I started with this sucking toy, teasing my nipples. I’ve never used a toy quite like this before and I have to say, it gets intense!

When I’m having sex, I love having my nipples sucked, tweaked, and teased. I’ve been known to orgasm from nipple play alone, so I was really excited to try this toy in tandem with another new toy I got.

Lovely rabbit, photo from seller.

This lovely rabbit is the bees knees. It’s soft medical grade silicone, so it feels silky in your hand, but firm at the base, so you don’t feel like you’ll lose control of it while using.

It has a dual motor, so you can control the vibrations of the rabbit part and the shaft separately. This is excellent, as someone who has a sensitive clitoris, I don’t necessarily want the vibration on my clit to be as strong as what I want on my g-spot.

The shaft is not rigid, which I was concerned about, at first. But it turns out, that’s a good thing. It makes it easy to ride, if you’re wanting to sit on the vibrator instead of laying back.

Which is exactly what I did.

I positioned it inside, moved the rabbit ears where I wanted them, and sat up on the edge of my bed and began rocking. This left me hands free to continue using the sucking vibrator alternately on my nipples.

It’s a really good thing the rabbit vibrator is waterproof.

The combination of the two toys made for quite the squirting mess.

The sucking toy has eight sucking modes, so you can make it even more intense. I flipped through them all and found I can handle each of them with ease, but I like intense suction. Others may find some of them too intense.

After I orgasmed the first time, I knew my clitoris would be sensitive, but I couldn’t help myself, I had to try the sucking toy on my clit.

I definitely could only handle the lowest setting of the sucking toy at that point and almost instantly came again.

If I wasn’t shaking to the point of almost falling off the bed, I would have kept going. Sadly, I had to accomplish other things, so it was time to stop testing for the day.

Next time, I plan to use the sucking toy on my husband’s penis and see if he thinks it mimics sucking. I think he’ll enjoy it on the head, at least for a bit before we get down to business.

Overall, these toys definitely do the job they’re made for and get two thumbs up from me.

Making time for ourselves, whether it’s for sexual release or just spending time alone to relax (however we choose) is important in these trying times.

Find your moment and make the most of it.

Demeter deLune is a writer forged in the fires of desire. If you love reading her naughty tales of love and lust, sign up for her email list.

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