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The next step

The adoption of moonshots, aspirations, and goals are what make audacious achievements possible.

Moonshots are outcomes for which we have reason to believe that the chances of success are low. We pursue moonshots despite these concerns because the problem they aim to solve merit that we try anyways. Curing cancer is a moonshot.

Aspirations, like moonshots, are outcomes that require tremendous energy and time, but tend to carry higher probabilities of success. Becoming a professional photographer, an author, or an attorney are all aspirations.

Goals are simply about the next step: specific activities we can reasonably do in a clearly defined time frame that brings us closer to our aspirations and moonshots. Taking photos on Saturday, publishing a blog post on Medium in the evening, and going to your class on Constitutional Law on Monday are all goals that nudge you closer to the above aspirations.

Moonshots and aspirations are about setting the destination and a dropping a pin on the map. The idea isn’t to have the entire course charted or figured out, but rather to just aim high and think about the the type of impact you’d like to make. Placing an ambitious outcome in the distance ensures that your efforts are unified instead of random.

Goals are the fundamental driving force that moves you towards your aspirations and moonshots. Put simply: without a regular practice of identifying and executing the next specific and achievable task that nudges you towards making a change, nothing happens.

Making an audacious change that scales beyond the capacity of a single day requires that we keep our attention on our moonshots and aspirations and ask the prudent question: what is the next thing can I do within 24 hours to move closer to these outcomes?



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