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You’re a map maker

In cartography (making maps), you start with a blank slate. This space is sacred, it’s a rare and open invitation that begs the question “where can I go? (What’s possible?)”.

The map isn’t just for us, it can also show the way for other people. If we’re brave, we’ll share the work with others.

Eventually some form of validation or feedback will come in. This can be helpful and harmful. You learn about who is being served through the work. The response can also discourage let’s-try-this-way and instead instruct us: “tell me more about what’s here”. Our focus begins to constrict around input instead of possible outputs.

Here’s how to get unstuck: recognize that the work/response up to this point has helped you chart exactly 1 way of creating things, of being of service.

That’s great, but if you stop there then this is the only way you (and the rest) will ever know.

The rest of the map is uncharted territory. It represents a near-infinite # of other ways that can only be known and shared if you have the courage to explore and know them.

The confident mobility and aptitude for discovery required for creation begins with having the courage to see other ways and declare “let’s try this, it might help”.




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