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Time-Management Strategies to Boost Your Productivity

Stamina in your life means not just energy you have throughout days. It’s also about the productivity you show when performing work tasks, solving complicated issues, and managing your time. But when you’re busy, it’s hard to meet all deadlines and stay on top of your performance.

Then, is there a way to plan your day and achieve your goals without being drained? Firstly, you should define why you fail to become productive.

Reasons why you can be unproductive

If you are struggling to plan your day but still don’t have time for everything you planned, don’t fret, you’re not alone! UK research shows that the average person is only productive for less than three hours per day. So, it’s no wonder you feel inefficient throughout the day. Now let’s look at exact reasons for being unproductive:

Poor prioritizing

At the beginning of your week, you have specific tasks to complete until the weekend. But suppose you fail to prioritize them in order of importance. In that case, you may find yourself wasting your time sorting your smartphone files instead of finishing the urgent project.

McKinsey & Company research has shown only 9% of career professionals find their time allocation effective. Moreover, 48% of professionals think they fail to prioritize tasks according to their company’s strategy.


What will you likely do when facing a challenging task? Of course, postpone it until tomorrow! Procrastination is the most terrific evil of career professionals. Still, it accompanies us daily. As a result, you won’t even complete half of the planned tasks.

And the problem is more significant than you can imagine — research found 20% of US citizens procrastinate daily. Procrastination also can drastically affect your career. Another study has proved procrastinators have lower salaries, a higher chance of being unemployed, and shorter durations of employment.


There’s nothing wrong with being diligent. Well, until you become a perfectionist. Perfectionism is a powerful productivity killer if you let it get over you. When you are scared to finish the project because you want to make it perfect, that’s a sign your perfectionism has already become an obstacle.

Some people think perfectionism is an excellent trait for productivity. But Dalhousie University’s survey shows that perfectionists are counterproductive when striving to do their job flawlessly.

If you’ve noticed that you have one of the above habits, then it’s time to pump your productivity! And that’s where time-management skills come in handy.

Why should you perform time-management?

With time-management, you can control your daily routine instead of being under the constant pressure of circumstances. It also helps you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Generally, it can bring such improvements to your life:

Show better results at work

Time-management helps you perform better at work. That means you’re in control of the whole process so that you can complete more tasks in a shorter time and with less stress. The survey discovered time-management helps you perform working tasks at the highest skill level and easily prioritize them.

Meet deadlines easily

Even hearing the word “deadline” can make us sick, not even mentioning dealing with them at work. But time-management can sweeten this pot. With its help, you can evaluate the time you need to accomplish each task, therefore meeting deadlines without haste. What’s more, time-management will help you finish tasks in advance to feel more relaxed when working.

Reduce stress

The CareerCast Job Stress report states more than 71% of people are stressed at work, while strict deadlines are the most common reason for workplace stress. Effective prioritizing will give you enough time to complete urgent tasks so that you won’t feel guilty or stressed. Plus, you’ll manage to avoid time-consuming distractions that lower your productivity level.

Save more time for yourself

When you master your time-management skills, you need less time to finish your daily working routines or solve a tangled problem. Thus, you’ll have more time to spend with your beloved ones or on your hobby. And that also matters in terms of productivity as when you’re well-rested you are more efficient.

Despite all the benefits time-management offers, you may find it tricky to plan your day. Yet, with the right strategies, you can master your time-management skill, increase your productivity, and have extra time for your self-realization.

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