Ruthless Prioritization

(6) And Some more stuff.

1.Data Science Example

Seems a minor example, but process would be worthy to remember.

2. Ruthless and Rigorous Prioritization

there is always a way to accomplish your goal faster than you currently plan to.

We just have to ask, “How can we do this in half the time?” a

3. Dynamic Hierarchy

Rather than removing bosses from the workplace, I think their role needs to evolve to that of a faciliator, coordinator and leader —

Stewarding and coordinating rather than commanding,
Holding space and supporting rather than controlling,
Empowering team members to do their best work, 
and be their best selves.

4. Personal Mentors, Coaches and Sponsors for building a company

Mentor- This role requires a deep personal commitment, and is reserved for a select few. A mentor is someone who you rely on for career guidance, providing both strategic and emotional support. Your mentor doesn’t have to be someone who works in the same industry as you, but should be someone whose advice you trust, with relevant life experience.

Sponsor- Think about the people who champion your success; those are your sponsors. Sponsors are the people who enjoy putting you in the path of opportunity, and believe in your potential.

Coach- Building a company is filled with new territory. Coaches are functional subject matter experts who have experience with specific markets, industries or skills. As a CEO, you’re a generalist in just about everything. An arsenal of strategic advisors can help you navigate everything from hiring your first head of sales to identifying the right go-to-market strategy.

5. Money doesn’t make you happy

Help people to help themselves, not as if they need help. There will always be someone richer than you.Luxury is an addictive drug.

It turns out that having the discipline to live frugally, to invest rather than spend, to mend and make do, and to be able to live for longer and longer periods of time without having to work, are true measures of wealth. Deeply enjoying whatever it is you’re experiencing right now is the ultimate wealth.

Some people are very shallow.You can’t tell how wealthy someone is by what they’re wearing. You also can’t tell how wealthy someone is by how much money they have.

Money is so powerful as a symbol of choice and freedom that it’s impossible for it not to galvanize powerful responses in people, and to create strong reactions.