Self Care

(12) and Being our very best versions of ourselves

1.A working moms self Check- In

How she finds time for her, her kids, profession and friends. And fulfill her commitments in all aspects of life.

2. How to wake up as we awake

Some best practices for making morning energized. I found helpful is to live bed as soon as Wake up, Go for a walk and then a hot shower, this helps immensely.

3.Finding what you love and doing it for greater good

Life teaches us to be there where we want to be. Its like food, we need to be hungry enough and search with all power to find the right food, We need to remain hungry till we find the right food.

4.Power of Positive Thinking

I can always does half of the work. I mean inside our core we need to carry the belief always I can.

5. Self-Love

They say it full body orgasm, but its self love, being the happiest person through self love. Though I do not support this theory, I mean my religious belief’s and code of life does not support this but I love the concept.

Love comes from inner self, If we are not happy with ourselves, being us we won’t be able to make happy others.

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