Daily UI — #003: Landing Page

Mock Landing Page for TabSplit.com

I’m almost 2 days late in working on the “Daily UI prompts” — and it’s only Day 3 :-) with todays topic being:

Landing Page

Sounds quite generic, and I was (again) quite baffled. I expect landing pages to take hours or days.. Nothing I could do on the side in a couple of minutes. So after spending another 1.5 hours I’ve got something to show. At this point I’m already happy that i was able to somehow fill the empty canvas (or artboard).

Since i couldn’t think of anything else, I’ve made a Landing Page for an ancient project for splitting bills, which has gone without love for quite some time :-)

I’ve got the “brand” colors (nice yellow), some hint of trying to establish trust (“established 2009” — something ancient, still running.. must be good?), some short introduction what it is, and the value proposition. So Sign Up already!

Any thoughts, anyone? ;-)