How To Shipwreck a Life

Acts 27:11 (KJV)
Nevertheless the centurion believed the master and the owner of the ship, more than those things which were spoken by Paul.

How to shipwreck your life…

Trust the experts instead of the preacher
The centurion had a choice. He could heed the warning of the preacher or accept the advice of the master of the ship. It seemed like a clear choice. The one was a prisoner on his way to sentencing. The other was an able and experienced seaman. But the preacher was right.

Trust the majority instead of the preacher
The more part wanted to push on. Our world is filled with the idea of majority rule. It almost never works out well. Republican or representative rule is both the wisest and the Biblical model. The preacher would have made the right choice over the majority.

Trust comfort instead of the preacher
The place was not commodious to winter in. It would have been the most comfortable. Seeking comfort as convenience is a sure way to make shipwreck. The preacher was right.

Trust circumstances instead of the preacher
When the winds began to blow softly, they thought they had an out. It was merely the calm before the storm. The preacher was right.

We don’t trust the preacher just because he is the preacher. I know that some who claim to be preachers are wacko and crazy. We trust a man who listens to God through His Word. He isn’t expert on sailing. He isn’t generally expert on many earthly skills. But if he has his mind in God’s Word and his heart upon the Lord, he can likely perceive things the experts cannot.

To ignore him is a sure way to make life a shipwreck.

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Acts 27:11 (KJV) How To Shipwreck a Life

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