They Know It

Isaiah 12:5 (KJV)

Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth.

A person might look at our world today and question whether this is still true.

  • There are whole people groups who have never heard of the Lord
  • The largest populations of people in the world worship false gods
  • There are superpowers who oppose the worship of any god

Even among those people, like in our country, the trend seems to be turning away from the LORD.

But then, a person ought to remember that it was none different in the day of this writing. The people of Israel represented the smallest portion of people in the world, living on a very small strip of this earth’s land. They were the only people in the world who worshiped the LORD.

It’s a matter of perspective and focus.

  • We can focus on all the people in the world who do not know God. or
  • We can focus on all the potential in the world to reach people for God.
  • We can focus on all the people in the world who worship other gods or hate God. or
  • We can focus on those people all around the world who, though perhaps small in number, love the LORD.

The way we choose to view our world plays a huge part in the spirit, joy, and victory we experience in life.

Sing unto the LORD.
He hath done excellent things. and
There are people over all the earth who know it.

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Isaiah 12:5 (KJV) They Know It



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Marvin McKenzie

Marvin McKenzie


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