year 2016, week 41.


That signal from the weather I mentioned a few weeks ago. Yeah it has arrived. This is now my favorite season. When the lush summer takes on the cold winter. The outcome is known, but the battle is always full of suspense. This year the battle looks like it will go on for a while. The cold air is finally taking it’s toll on the tree’s but just barely.

In a few weeks I am going up into northern New Mexico for an elk hunt. I don’t have a tag but both my father in law and brother in law do and we plan to spend 4 or 5 days in the mountains. I am excited for it. I haven’t been on a hunt since I was 10 or 11. Back then it was my father and I. I was in charge of keeping the camp while he hunted on horseback with a muzzle loader.

It will be cold though. It is already getting to below freezing in the morning. So cold mornings, lots of hiking, some four wheeling, as wells as some photography and writing. I think I will hand write my posts for Daily, Weekly and then just post photos of them. That way when I get service I can just upload them and not have to type them out. We will see.


It is the light. The light right now is what is makes fall perfect in New Mexico. In the summer the sun is almost directly overhead and that angle produces the bleached out desert look throughout the day. In the winter the sun is at a low angle and with the leaves gone on the trees things look dull. But right now we have killer light almost all day.

I for one love the bleached out midday sun. But after 4 months of it change is needed.

Here in the high desert of New Mexico we actually have all 4 seasons. Which I know a lot of the country doesn’t get. We get hot, we get cold, we get wet, we get flowers. As I become more aware of these things and the changing light I know why New Mexico means so much to me. And why it deserves more of my attention.


But maybe it is change. You can anticipate change, but you can’t fully prepare for it. And that definition is applicable to fall. Pulling out the warm clothes is one thing but knowing the right day to wear them? Yeah.

Knowing the last time to cut the grass, winterize the swamp cooler. You get the point.

Change is such a fluid thing. And since photography is documenting things in the moment, making photographs of change as it happens becomes difficult. To make things easier I look at nature where the process of change is both visible and slower. But I still try to push myself and look for layers of change and light. Only after the change is complete and I have made my photographs will I be able to tell if I was successful.


No photography yesterday. No writing or photography today. I feel that dark hole pulling me in and I have to resist it.

I did take a photograph yesterday. But it was for the project I am working on and not sharing just yet. I did make this video while out on the mesa though. I really was playing with the limits of my truck. This thing can handle a lot more than this. I shot the video on my phone even though my bigger cameras can do video. The iPhone is just so much easier (for me).

Hopefully I will be back with some witty commentary tomorrow. If not I will at least try to fake it.


I was going to phone it in. Not apply my self. It all ran through my head. “I’m tired.” “It has been a long week.” Etc.

Those go to excuses that make it okay to give up. But I’ve already told myself not to fall pray to them. One day of the week is too many.

Not forcing a photograph or posting a shitty one just because is not acceptable. I’d rather skip a day. But writing. Words are always there. I use them all the time. I just have to apply them in an interesting order here that explains my thoughts and fears.

I feel that my posts have become too aimless. This weekend I need to figure out a plan to approach the deep rabbit holes I had planned to tackle.

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