year 2016, week 38.


What can I do when I have the time to make photographs but the weather doesn’t cooperate? The same goes with skateboarding. I was ready to skate the other day but then it rained as I was driving home. Then as I found an hour to make photographs the sky was cloudless and that doesn’t work with my project at all.

So I move on. I have plenty of other things going on. And I have a 4 year old that always has something she wants to do. I can’t let myself get discouraged or go out and force things. Time is too precious to force things.

Last night I had a great dream that my wife and I were on a vacation in Mexico or some other Central American country. No kid. Lots of beach time. It was pretty cool to have a vivid dream. I don’t have those that often. The thing from that dream that sticks with me the most was when we saw some whales and dolphins near the shore. The water was so clear we could see them in great detail. The shore also dropped so fast that they could get like 15 feet from us and still be in deep water.

I need to plan some vacations for next year. We should take the kid to the Grand Canyon. Both my wife and I have never been. San Francisco and San Diego are always calling us. I would love to get up to my family in Minnesota. At some point I’d like to get out of country. Portugal looks nice. Norway. Paris. Wow, where to start?


Is it Friday yet? Fill coffee cup. Drink. Look at phone. Nope, still Tuesday. Well fuck. If you’re going to be like that I might as well take control of the situation.

I am no morning person, but I really need to get better at it. At least make an effort. Next week is my 33rd birthday and I don’t think I’ve spent a single day making an effort to be a decent human upon waking up. No matter how well we think we are doing with our life we can always improve something. And by something I don’t mean like separate your recycling. I mean improve qualities about who you are to those around you.

Yeah you, Justin!


Yesterday I submitted to a group show. If I get in it will be my first work in a gallery show in a long time. I used to be part of a gallery in downtown Albuquerque and when that space closed I stopped showing. Which was probably a good thing because my work needed my attention. Starting with this group show (if I get in) would be a nice easy step. But at the same time the show would be in a gallery in Santa Fe and will coincide with Review Santa Fe. So there is that.

I’ve said it on here before, I am ready to enter that space again. I really struggled to find my “voice” over the last 6 or so years. But now that I have it would be great to hear it echo across my community. Where should I start? I think making some look books style publications that I can send to some galleries I admire would be good. That would give them not only a look at my work, but the aesthetic that I also want to surround my work.

I always feel like I am approaching these types of things the wrong way. Here in New Mexico it is almost like you have to know someone and name drop to get heard. I am sure it is like that in other places too, but New Mexico has a real reputation for it.


Patriotism is a really weird thing. Especially when politics and policies are so complex. Right now I am proud to not be identified with one party. But in doing so I have been left out of the preliminary rounds of decision making. How is that supposed to lead to my ultimate support of anyone? And eventually how am I supposed to love and stand for a government that hasn’t allowed me to partake in the real discussion?

I love the land. I love the water. I love the people. But the term patriot escapes me. Maybe I have the wrong impression of what a patriot is.

I am also a long time fan of the 49ers. In the past few years the NFL in general has lost a LOT of its appeal to me. But this year I have followed football for a different reason. Seeing a sports figure make a political stand and call to attention is not new or shocking. And the outcry isn’t either. But being on the right side of history matters to people. And to the people putting themselves (and their “public figure” status) out there I say, thank you. My voice in these matters as a middle class white male gets lost like a pebble’s ripple in an ocean. Your voice is like a hurricane, churning the shit from ocean floor.

Hopefully when the storm is over and the ocean is calm, change really will have happened. The sandbars will then be in the right place allowing true freedom. And patriotism can apply to me and you.


I did not make a photograph today. I should say I have yet to make a photograph today. I still hold out hope that it will happen. It is just 1pm, there is time. But the last half of Friday usually flies by and other things occupy my time.

This Daily, Weekly. has been a roller coaster. I skimmed over it just now and am surprised. After I write the words often don’t stick in the front of my mind. Especially since I am writing so frequently. They usually sink back to my subconscious. So re-reading all of them at once lets them occupy the present in a very interesting way.

Next week is my birthday. I said that a few days ago. But I need to remind myself because the weather is failing at this fall thing. It is still summer monsoons around here. Some mornings you can fell the chill, but most it isn’t there yet. My daughter keeps asking me when the leaves are going to change. When they start we are going to have to take a drive into the mountains. Mt. Taylor is pretty close and yet I rarely get there. Maybe this year.