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Daily, Weekly.

year 2017, week 12.

Untitled, from a project titled “We Are Neighbors”.


Are people actually looking at my series here on Medium? Do people even know what I am talking about? Do they even know how to find them?

I don’t know. I have 1 subscriber 2 views and a couple hundred applause. Applauses? Applauded? Whatever.

I am dedicated to using it for my El Burque work like I mentioned last week. And I hope that 1 subscriber keeps enjoying the hell out of it. Even if they don’t I will continue to make updates. Even if by the end I am talking to myself. I will push on.

Because in their time how prolific was the work that was done in the “good ol days” ? We look back on the photography of America made by Robert Frank or the Rock n Roll photography made by Baron Wolman and we think “wow, what a luck sun of a bitch to get all the luck. It is so hard now.” But we don’t truly know how hard it was then. 36 exposures at a time. ISO 400.

We only fully understand now. Right now. And this is our time to make the work. This is our time to show up or shut up. Now. Only when we are old and grey will we know if our work mattered, if we succeeded. And maybe not even then. Right Vivian Maier?


I am so unmotivated to write. But I was yesterday and look what happened when I started to write. Just write something.

I have found that my writing and photography have a correlation. When I photograph more, I have more to write. If I sit down and write, I start to see photographs in situations.

Do you remember last year when I wrote about The Fence? I just missed the early submission deadline and with the final deadline approaching I am struggling to decide on what to submit. I have projects. I have the work. But WHAT work do I submit. Do I even submit this year since I don’t feel like I have a solid project?

I have until April 11th to decide. You do too if you plan to submit.


Last night my kid got sick. At 10pm she was still awake (3 hours past bed time), complaining of a stomach ache. My wife had left town for work that day and it was just me and the kid. By 10pm I was starting to realize that the kid wasn’t just playing my emotions because mom was gone.

That realization solidified when she threw up all over the toilet. Not much of the projectile actually made it into the intended target but I was grateful for what did. Gotta work on that aim kiddo.

Another bath. Change of clothes. And with a now empty stomach she finally slept. For a few hours. Then another round of vomiting. This time with much better accuracy. She’s a fast learner.

A night full of her tossing and turning next to me resulted in little sleep.

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing. Everything. I know people don’t care about this kind of stuff but it is the real life situations that shape our view of the world. Today I could care less what the fuck our president tweeted while he was on the shitter. Instead I was more concerned with what happened while my daughter was on there.

Changes aren’t always easily discernible like this one and who knows if this one will stick around. But these little things are what photographers try to capture. The little moments that mean nothing in the general context but mean a lot in the correct context.


Back at work today and I am so busy and overwhelmed I don’t know what to write. Where to start. Nothing. I did finish Desert Solitaire and started Monkey Wrench Gang last night. So maybe tonight after I get the kid asleep I will write more.

yeah that didn’t happen


Here I am at the end of another week. What the hell is the point of writing here anymore? Last year I hit the same wall and what got me past it was creating an outline for this. So I think now is the time for that to happen again because I long ago reached the end of my list of topics.

I do think that moving forward each week will be more of a short story. Maybe fiction, maybe not. But I will need to create a list of topics for 5 or 6 weeks to get the ball rolling. They will be about what I have talked about in the past, being environmentally aware, and be more like this:



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Justin Thor Simenson

Justin Thor Simenson

A husband, father, son, civil designer, photographer, and writer. Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.