year 2017, week 18.

Am I going about this all wrong?

Typical late April snow storm in New Mexico.


I have been looking at the negative effects of the current “progress” in our society. But maybe I need to look for the positive changes that people are making. Is that a better life to live? Sure it is easier to see through rose colored glasses. But is it productive? Would I change more minds by showing positive outlets or by exposing the negative?

Maybe the future needs to be a combination of the two. Show the negative and then follow that up with the positive.


The book is set to arrive Thursday. MagCloud is kicking ass with its shipping.

Yesterday I was talking in reference to Oscar Boyson’s post on the future of cities. And since I read that Medium has suggested a few more great pieces. They are collectively making me more optimistic. It is getting warmer here and I am ready to go out and shoot a project that I conceptualized this past winter. It is in the vein of my other projects but has the makings to be a bit lighter and happier.

I also shot my X-Pro1 a bit this past weekend and in editing those files I fell in love with that camera all over again. My X70 is so much fun and the images are great. But the files from my X-Pro1 as just so sharp and clean. This is the camera I will use for my next project for sure.


The book arrives tomorrow. Why I obsess about deliveries like this I have no idea.

So what is my next project? The one I haven’t started just yet… Well I want to write about it and conceptualize more here. Once I get into shooting it, I want to write through the whole process. I might share an image I really like out of it during the process. I might also share the ones I dislike and pick them apart.

Daily, Weekly will become my journal for that project. This project. Yeah, lets just get into it now.

Here is the beginning of project I will be starting soon. I want to shoot vertical. For book layout and to change from the horizontal framing that has become way too comfortable. But that is just a technical aspect. The conceptual idea is to create photographs of future home lots. Some empty. Some under construction. Some just dirt. I want to capture the hope and dream that the developer is selling. I have been collecting quotes from developments as research.

Stay connected to the outdoors and feel a sense of a true community.

In Albuquerque we don’t move to the suburbs we move to a subdivision. Albuquerque is a sprawling city made up of so many subdivision developments. It is the reality that people are putting their hopes and dreams into these places. I am one of them. Even if it is an unsustainable system, it is the reality. And that is another thing I want to capture; the reality of what is really here for the future home owner.


My book is here. Holy shit. It doesn’t even feel like a book. It is a portfolio really. The photos are ass kicking this big. Not too big, but big enough to see all the detail I want to show.

I really want to make a photo of it with my phone and post it but I know that will be a disservice to the work. Slow. Steady progression. Tonight I need to sit with the work and let it really sink in.

I am helping organize a portfolio review this weekend with ASMP and AIGA and I might just put this book on the table. I just don’t know if I am ready for other peoples critiques just yet. I should be.


What a complicated set of emotions. Trying to get a project out into the world is a delicate balance of joy and regret. I want everyone to see the work but I also dont want it all to go out there in the wrong way. Because once it is it can’t be taken back.