year 2017, week 20.

Closing in on writing every weekday for a year.


Week 28 of 2016 was when I started this whole idea of writing daily, publishing weekly. It has been a fun time. But even more so, it seems sustainable. Except for a few days, I have been able to write every weekday. And I think I am in a place where it can continue to happen.

I have also grown my followers on Medium faster than on any other platform. I am currently at 622. This daily writing thing isn’t getting more than 10 reads each week which makes me wonder who is following me and why. But I will just keep going. Keep writing.

I have an article I am working on about portfolio reviews. I have what could be a half done article but I am not satisfied with how it reads and am considering erasing the whole thing and starting over. What I have is what I want to say but it is not how I want to say it. It was a good first step but I am better than it as it is now.


As I start to ponder my project about home the empty lot next to my house starts to get built. It is pretty interesting timing. It might help in me creating some photographs as part of the study of the topic. I don’t really know how I want the project to look. I want the look to come from the feeling I discover in writing about it.

There is a sense of wonder when someone talks about their home. Is it warm? Welcoming? Odd? Eerie?

Home is also a private thing. We welcome our close friends in (sometimes). I don’t really. I don’t know why. My wife does. She likes having her friends in our home. I don’t mind it, it just doesn’t feel comfortable for me to have friends over.

This topic is so layered and I want to capture it all in places where there are no homes or at least the homes are yet to be completed.


It would be so much easier to do what others are doing. To make photos like other people. Join the conversation they are having. It is often quiet and lonely out here on my own. But there are other people out here doing work like me, they are just concentrating on their work and assuming they are alone (like me).

And there is so much space out here. It is so crowded over in that popular world of photography that when you come out here the expanse is like you landed on Mars.

This is just some thoughts I have while I take a break from the article I am re-writing. Or should be re-writing.


I’m busy. Yeah that is it.

Not really, I am just lazy. Really consumed with things and I am not setting aside time for my photography at the right time of day for anything. Last night I did pick up Monkey Wrench Gang though. First time in a few weeks. I still at the beginning of that book for some odd reason. It is good but I am struggling.

It could be that September is coming fast and my wife and I are expecting a boy, my daughter just graduated Pre-K and is celebrating her 5th birthday next week, and it is easier to just nod off when I get a minute.


I see a housing bubble on the horizon. Again after just going through one and that one wasn’t too far off the heels of the previous. So why do we continue to go back to this process? It seems so obviously wrong. But I talked about it before, maybe this is just our destiny as humans. Again I fall back to the negative side of the process.

I need to remember that there are people out there doing hard work to better the process. I need to connect with them. Are you one of them?

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