year 2017, week 23.

A long time coming.


So close. I think I am ready for test prints. But I will wait. Review them a few more times this week. Then place my order.

Back to my project on home. I really need to make some time to work on it. I need to start shooting some things to find what works or where they take me. I found my old notes on my photos from We Are Neighbors. I was pretty cynical while doing that project but I did find a good quote that I will share eventually.


I have been having visions of my project on home. They are overall dark, mostly at dusk, with hints of warm light illuminating from one or more parts of the scene. I really like seeing these visions. They help me tremendously in the end but at the beginning it can almost feel impossible to recreate them. I usually never do recreate them but my final photographs often have strong elements from my visions.

Have you seen Benoit Paille’s work? It is the closest to my visions. His work is pretty mind opening. I wish I could do what he does. Not shoot the way he does, but rather I wish I could explore the world with the same openness.


I don’t think I will publish that article I was writing about portfolio reviews. I wrote it twice and it never really worked out. I gotta move on. I won’t delete it though, it might be revived when it seems ready.

I think I am going to be ordering my test books tonight. 99% sure. Okay, 100% sure. I am excited to see them printed.


Damn I was wrong. I didn’t order my test book last night like I thought I would. I ended up editing photos for another project. Hopefully I will tonight. Blurb is having a sale that would really be nice to cash in on.

Tonight (right now in fact) I am out networking. I know right. I am out at a panel discussion on the environment. So look at me, taking initiative.


Last night former EPA Regional Administrator Ron Curry said two things that really resonated with me. They were among a list of things I came away with last night that I hope to work on in the future.

Two of my favorite things Ron Curry said are (and I am paraphrasing):

“Focus on the solution and ignore the political noise.”
Community engagement is very important moving forward and New Mexico is actually one of the best examples I saw in my time as Regional Administrator with EPA region 6.