year 2017, week 25.



I am frustrated with being frustrated.

Yesterday my wife and I met up with my mom and her boyfriend and spent a few hours in the mountains. We did it to just get away. From the heat, from the city, etc. But we were in a place I remember from my childhood. We were 10 or so miles from where I grew up in Placitas and a lot of memories flooded back while I watched my daughter play in the same stream that was essential to my youth.

I also wandered around with my camera. I quickly lost myself in thought and photography. It was nice. But then Monday hit and I was not ready for it. Not one bit. And I am frustrated that I feel that way about my career. Mad at the clock instead of enjoying what I am doing.

Yesterday was Father’s Day, a day we celebrate men. But when will I become man enough to change my situation? Either a mental change or a change in my career path.


Today UPS delivered. By now you know what I mean and why that makes me happy.

Today I also start to work on El Burque some more and move it forward even more. I have ideas on where it will go long term but I also want to make the short term look good and I am focused on it. I need to make decisions and live by them. This is only one step in my journey. If I misstep I can correct it with the next or the time after.

Plus I get to put together baby furniture in my “free time”. I enjoy that kind of work though.


I need to get out and talk about my book making. How else will people know to join my Patreon community? Especially since I now will only be offering my books to my Patreons. So I need to get out and talk about myself. Talk up the books I have made, am making, etc. And then drop the info of how I am distributing said books.

Damn I suck at that. I am too humble for the hustle. But to do my work justice I need to get past that.


Making connections. Reaching out to people I’ve neglected. Hoping the friendship is still there. Not disappointed.


Thinking more on my project about home I want to share something I wrote a few years back. I wrote it as a note to a photograph I made for my project We Are Neighbors. I think it is the deep feeling that I want to turn into photographs in my new project.

The feeling of home is almost overwhelming after a long days travel. We walk in the door throw the bags on the floor and let our home wrap us with it’s warmth.