year 2017, week 38.

turning 34.


I did not get my 100 photos in this weekend although I did make about 30 more. So total I am close to 100. I feel that I am ready to move onto the book phase but I am going to hold off until next week. I hope that restriction will help the project.

Restrictions can really help a photographer focus and it can make them explore things in new ways. This project is doing that for me already and I want to continue that.

I do need to do some research on air quality and air pollution. I have been slacking on that aspect. But I am still only half way through Monkey Wrench Gang for some reason.

Update: After typing today’s post I cam across this project Air View by Google.


I stand waiting for the clouds to lift so that I have a clear sky to photograph but the scene never unfolds so I pack it up and enjoy the moisture.

I sometimes enjoy run on sentences.

Fall is here in the Rio Grande valley. The cottonwoods at the rivers edge are starting to turn yellow. Soon the river will be a golden ribbon. Soon it will be bare and awaiting snowfall.

But today it is warm and stormy.


Tomorrow I turn 34. Today I hurt. It all goes back to 2 years ago when I was in a bad accident which left me with an injured shoulder, muscle pain, and nerve pain. I spent months in rehab and worked through the pain. Eventually it all seemed to be normal. No pain in my day to day. No pain after exercising. But now as the weather shifts from summer to fall and cold air sinks into the valley I feel it all over again. The past two days have felt like the days after the accident all over again. Heat helps. Ice doesn’t. Anti-inflammatory pills help but just barely. I don’t remember this pain last year as fall settled in. Hopefully it all passes soon because I don’t want to be thinking about this pain while I turn another year older. That kind of stuff will mess with ones mind.


My daughter was a total mess today. She couldn’t understand why I had to work on my birthday and why it wasn’t all fun and games. And where was the party?


With the lack of clear skies my Air Quality project has hit pause. But only in the taking of photos and I have spent the time living with the photos I made. I have allowed myself only briefly to think about the book I want to make. And in those brief discussions with myself I have realized how I want the book to create conversation. I envision the layout for that but only in parts. I still need to think about it as a whole.

Next week I will start making the book and if I have a chance to make some additional photos I will seize the opportunity. I am also thinking about the next phase of the project and how I can create imagery that brings the conversation into a space or deeper into the same. That is the wonderful part of creativity, having all options available and exploring them.