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One of the primary goals I had when I started Glimpse was to use this blog to help people read through the whole Bible. According to a LifeWay poll, more than 50% of surveyed Christians have read “very little” or none of the Bible outside of church. Only 11% have read it from cover to cover. The same poll says that less than 1/4 of Christians have a systematic plan to read the Bible. Surely we can do better.

I definitely hope that, Glimpse is helping make scripture more approachable and readable. But it would be incomplete if it didn’t also help people develop that “systematic plan” for reading scripture.

To that end, I’ve found two great resources to help you engage with scripture on a daily basis. Both of these are reading plans designed to guide you through the Bible over the course of a year. But, if that seems like a lot, that’s ok. Just work through them at your own pace. The goal isn’t to speed-read the Bible. Just reading a little each day might be enough to change your relationship with God and with His Word.

This reading plan is designed by the Bible Project. This is the organization that creates the videos used in Glimpse studies. Just follow the link below to download the plan.

— Bible Project Reading Plan

This is a smartphone app developed by Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love Ministries”. It also uses material from The Bible Project. To download this app or learn more about it, follow the link below or search “Read Scripture” in your phone’s app store .

— Read Scripture App

If you’ve already started reading through the Bible this year, this app has a setting that lets you enter the date that you started reading, so that you can pick up right where you left off!



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