Introduction to GraphQL for Developers

GraphQL is a powerful query language for APIs and a runtime for resolving queries with data.

Coder Society
Nov 24, 2020 · 9 min read

In this article, we’ll explore GraphQL’s core features, how to interact with a GraphQL API, and some development and operational challenges.

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Source: Coder Society

The Story of GraphQL

Features of GraphQL

Working with GraphQL

$ git clone
$ cd starwars-server$ npm install
$ npm start
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Figure 1: Exploring the API via GraphQL Playground’s “Docs” tab


query {humans {idname}}
{"data": {"humans": [{"id": "1000","name": "Luke Skywalker"},{"id": "1001","name": "Darth Vader"},{"id": "1002","name": "Han Solo"},{"id": "1003","name": "Leia Organa"},{"id": "1004","name": "Wilhuff Tarkin"}]}}
query {human (id: 1001) {homePlanet}}
{"data": {"human": {"homePlanet": "Tatooine"}}}
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Figure 2: GraphQL Playground suggests fields you can include as you type
query {human(id: 1001) {homePlanetnameappearsInstarships {idname}}}
{"data": {"human": {"homePlanet": "Tatooine","name": "Darth Vader","appearsIn": ["NEWHOPE","EMPIRE","JEDI"],"starships": [{"id": "3002","name": "TIE Advanced x1"}]}}}

Mutations and Subscriptions

subscription {reviewAdded {episodestarscommentary}}
mutation {createReview(episode: NEWHOPE, review: {stars: 5,commentary: "Awesome"}) {episodestarscommentary}}
{"data": {"createReview": {"episode": "NEWHOPE","stars": 5,"commentary": "Awesome"}}}
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Figure 3: Reviews are pushed to a subscription in GraphQL Playground

GraphQL in the Real World





Other Considerations

Wrapping Up


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