The top 12 Node Weekly links in 2018

Another year of Node Weekly means another roundup.

Once again we’ve dug through our data to bring you the most popular links that featured in Node Weekly this year.

Here’s what clicked with Node developers:

A Checklist of 23 Node.js Security Best Practices

Yoni Goldberg, Kyle Martin and Bruno Scheufler | Featured in Issue 249

A curated list of 23 high-level Node security best practices with code examples and quotes from the top-ranked blogs.

On Node Framework Popularity

Eran Hammer (Hapi) | Featured in Issue 258

Findings from asking over 800 developers their thoughts on various Node HTTP frameworks.

10 Things Ryan Dahl Regrets About Node.js

JSConf EU| Featured in Issue 241

Original Node.js inventor Ryan Dahl reflects on his time working on the project, highlighting what he considers to be some early design mistakes with Node. Regrets orient around the build system, security and modules.

A Code-Based Node.js Cheatsheet

Julien Le Coupanec | Featured in Issue 224

Lots of quick-fire code snippets in a single source file, covering global objects, console methods, fs methods, exports, process handling, and more.

Why Developers Love Node & What Issues They Have

Rising Stack | Featured in Issue 224

Results of a survey of 539 Node developers covering why they love using Node, what they use it for, and what the biggest problems they encounter are.

Rethinking JavaScript Test Coverage

Benjamin Coe | Featured in Issue 257

Shared in September — Node 10.10 and above offers a native code coverage reporting feature. This post explained how it came to be, how it works, and how to create your own reports from the data V8 provides.

How to Become a Better Node.js Developer (in 2018)

Gergely Nemeth | Featured in Issue 220

A few straightforward best practices, shared back in January, that aim to help you be a better Node developer.

Using Async Iteration Natively in Node

Axel Rauschmayer | Featured in issue 233

How asynchronously iterating over readable streams works in Node 10.x.

What You Can Expect From Node.js 10

Tierney Cyren | Featured in Issue 234

The first release of Node 10 was released back in April. This post looks at what was new, including HTTP/2 support, organized coded errors, and more.

Next Generation Package Management with Crux

The npm Blog | Featured in Issue 255

Released back in September, crux is an experimental JavaScript package manager from the folks at npm, Inc, that aims to provoke new thoughts on how package management should be handled.

How to Use Docker for Node.js Development

Cody Craven | Featured in Issue 253

“There are a couple aspects of Node.js that make using Docker for development somewhat difficult. The primary difficulties come from dependency differences based on environment and a long running server process during development.”

Gatsby 2.0: The Node and React-Powered Site Generator

Kyle Mathews | Featured in Issue 256

App generator Gatsby proved popular with our readers.

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