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Consumers Deserve Transparency Too

An article by Justin Silberman, vice president of product at Dailymotion

Transparency has been a buzzword in ad tech for years as marketers look for more clarity on the fees and quality of inventory they buy. The conversation has also shifted to political advertising, with Facebook rolling out new tools in April to ensure only authorized advertisers can run ads on its network.

As brand safety and ad fraud continue to challenge the advertising industry, brands expect unprecedented transparency from their ad tech vendors. But don’t consumers deserve a similar level of transparency from the advertisers they engage with?

A lack of user-based transparency on major social media platforms in 2016 allowed for the amplification and targeting of content that, in reality, were ads paid for by Russia’s Internet Research Agency. Since then, privacy regulations like GDPR have helped consumers learn more about who has access to their data and take control over how their data is shared. But our users deserve even more…

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