How we built our hybrid Kubernetes platform

Dailymotion’s Kubernetes journey: a timeline of our geo-distributed infrastructure around the world mixing Cloud and on-premises clusters

David Donchez
Jun 12 · 7 min read

An API put into production in no time, boosted by Google Cloud

Why did we choose GKE?

GKE clusters used at Dailymotion
Google Load Balancing Monitoring

Implementing Dailymotion's on-premise containers orchestration platform

The networking part

How we manage our ingress traffic

Traffic flow from the Internet to pods

Migrating our traffic from Google Cloud to Dailymotion’s infrastructure

Example routing policy using Route 53


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Thanks to Smaine Kahlouch, Aurélien Busi, Julie Lambert, Klemen Sever, and Anne-So.

David Donchez

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System Architect @dailymotion


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