Companies: why you should invest to build an environment that encourages your developers to communicate about their work

Julie Lambert
Oct 31, 2019 · 5 min read

You may think that communication and social media strategies are completely disconnected from developers’ daily work. You would be wrong: companies that encourage developers to communicate get a great return on investment. Here’s why and how.

Developers are tech companies’ greatest assets. That may sound cheesy, but every time one of them is recognized within the community, she/he credits a little bit of his aura back to his employer. It’s basic: “If that dev is good, she/he has to work for a good company”. This type of activity is gaining momentum among communication managers, but they absolutely need the help of their developers to create quality content that will interest their peers. Because, maybe more than in any other community, authenticity and high precision is required.

Encourage them to write about their work

At Dailymotion, we actively encourage and support any engineer who wants to write a blog post to do so. We believe that this exercise is a great way to help them grow professionally and personally, by sharing their ideas with the community and developing their leadership skills. Knowing that writing is difficult, I, as a communication manager, am in charge of helping them find the best way to express their ideas on this blog, in line with Dailymotion’s identity and without betraying their uniqueness as a person.

Encourage them to be active on social networks

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Developers are building software, websites, products, technologies… Whatever they are creating, these end services are going to be exposed to a set of users (BtoB, BtoC or internal), and you want them to buy - metaphorically or literally - what you’re offering. To achieve this, you need to convince them that your product and your team are the best on the market. Of course, you can proclaim it… or you can rely on a group of loyal users to highlight the strengths of your product for you. That’s the kind of benefit companies can get from a strong community.

Encourage them to talk at meetups

Meetups are the most time-consuming communication lever you can ask a developer to activate, but it is definitely the most profitable and effective. They will need time and motivation to prepare and improve their public speaking skills. As a company, offering speaker training sessions is an excellent way to come to a win-win agreement. As you train your developer to communicate better about his work, you train an ambassador who will promote your technical projects, both internally and externally.

Meetups are great communication opportunities that allow developers to get feedback on their work, discover new technologies and open their mind to different ways of working… They’re also an amazing showcase for hiring: when developers shine on stage, they attract other talents. Last but not least, meetups are very popular on social media. Promote your events, your speakers, and you will quickly improve your engagement rates.

Encourage them to get involved in your customer support team

For example, the Dailymotion API team is dedicated to answer Partner’s questions. We hired a developer acting as an API support engineer. Once again, it makes sense: who is best positioned to answer developer’s questions than a dedicated one using the same technology every day, facing the same issues and thinking the same way?

To conclude, remember that your developers are a source of considerable wealth when we start to shine the spotlight on them. The tech community is in love with the idea of open source, a philosophy that encourages programmers to share their skills and experience for the love of knowledge and global improvement. Articles, social networks, meetups, support… transform the natural curiosity and the rare abilities of your developers into communication campaigns and make sure they will feel valued as you will all shine together as a company.


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Thanks to Klemen Sever, Martin Bonnin, Dailymotion Team, Dailymotion Team, Alexandre Menai

Julie Lambert

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API Communication Manager @Dailymotion


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