Don't Worry, Be Calm, Be Happy

#28 — June 20th — Calm is Contagious

be the calm, not the liability


As a person, a leader, or a parent, your job is to remain calm. It will calm everyone around you.

  • Don’t agitate
  • Don’t be paranoid
  • Don’t worry
  • Don’t be irrational

How to calm yourself?

You can follow the Navy Seal, Box Breathing, technique — 4 second inhale, hold, exhale, hold, repeat:

And when you want to avoid getting angry, you can check the post I did last week:

Can companies be calm?

Jason & DHH from Basecamp seem to think so. They are writing their 4th book about this subject — The Calm Company.

In the above post Jason explains that the root cause of our crazy life are days filled with distractions, over collaboration, and a focus on growth at any cost.

He believes small is the key to calm, and you can calm your company by choice & practice.

I love this list they included in the post.

Calm is profitability.
Calm is protecting people’s time and attention.
Calm is reasonable expectations.
Calm is about 40 hours of work a week.
Calm is ample time off.
Calm is smaller.
Calm is a visible horizon.
Calm is meetings as a last resort.
Calm is contextual communication.
Calm is asynchronous first, real-time second.
Calm is more independence, less interdependence.
Calm is about sustainable practices that can run for the long-term.
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