Love what you DO

#36 – July 5th – No One Said It’d Be Easy

Resist the superficial. Do the hard work. Do the work no one is doing.

Again, they won’t do what they find base, even if it brings wealth, pleasure, or power.

But what is “base” ? Is base “the easy way” ? Is base “doing what you love” ?

It seems to me that todays meditation also talks about productivity and focus. Base is “ordering that stack of papers on your desk”. Base is “redoing your email archiving system”. Base are all those things your doing to avoid facing that hard task that you know you should be doing.

Don’t start your day with “base” — start it by doing the hard task first!

Or, put in another way, as steve jobs said:

Love what you DO

Often this is intepreted to mean 0 follow your passion. Do what you love. Do the easy thing. Because you love it.

But its not.

Its about loving that hard work you do. Love the end result. Love the value you generate for other people.

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