Why Why Why Why Why ?

#31 – June 23rd — The Long Way Around

We all work hard on all manner of things. But in the end, if you drill down and ask yourself why (5 times if you have to) — you are probably aiming for one of the following:

  • Freedom
  • Hapiness
  • Respect

The Stoics argue that you can Freedom, Hapiness & Respect now. You don’t have to work your way up, IPO a business, or travel the world to achieve them. There are shortcuts.

They claim its simple and straight forward to acquire. How though? Ok by making choices — but that seems a bit too simplistic for me.

I will have to keep thinking about this and maybe it will come up in future mediatations.

But there is a more important note I want to raise with todays topic.

We do the work not to just achieve Freedom, Happiness, and Respect.

Often it is about MORE happiness, MORE freedom and MORE respect.

Because as humans we are rairly satisfied. We always want to grow, get better, improve. The grass always seems greener just that step ahead.

When we make our first $100 a day, its a milestone. But a few weeks later you have forgotten and are looking for that $500 day. Then $1000, $10.000 and on we go.

So for me I think the key here is to start by being satisfied with what you have. Don’t always try to get more.

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