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Open (Source) Innovation I

( And Why I Love Open Source!)

The Open Source movement was born around the ’80s. Open-source is a software program designed to be publicly accessible — anyone can see, modify, and distribute the code as they see fit. It is a social movement that supports the collective working of people.

Like all other things, there is an association working to make it stable and proper. The Open Source Initiative (OSI) was born in California. This action is specially designed to exclude the uncertainty of the English term “free,” which means “libre” (freedom) but also “gratis” (zero charges). Until now, I suppose we all heard of open-source, and we all started to use it while indicating the price (free or not) of computer programs. When we use the word FREE, we mean the cost of a product most of the time. And “YES!” almost all of the open-source software products are free of charge, but FREE for Open-Source is not only about the price, but also describes the freedom of people’s thought-knowledge and also describes the usage of the product.

I want to write about how open-source programmers are making money, but it is totally a different story, so let me talk about open source and open innovation.

Open Source :

Definition of Open Source

  • Free Redistribution
  • Source Code
  • Derived Works
  • Integrity of The Author’s Source Code
  • No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups
  • No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor
  • Distribution of License
  • License Must Not Be Specific to a Product
  • License Must Not Restrict Other Software
  • License Must Be Technology-Neutral

Open-source is the collective knowledge of human beings.

Open Innovation :

The term Open Innovation developed in a book written by Henry Chesbrough. Open Innovation is the practice of innovation relying deliberately on outside the company to improve efficiency.

Open Innovation is a very different thought from our usual sense of innovation. To understand it better, we need to explain innovative innovation. Because innovation is more than just a novel creation, it is an invention efficiently fetched on-market and open innovation can not innovate by its own.

I want to simplify how is an open innovation works. Here is the basic idea of it:

For example, the company is getting new concepts from data mining from open-source products. And they turns this new ideas to products, hence it is reducing the cost of its products and reducing the time to market. Different products are released in a shorter time etc.

In the second chapter I want to write about how they filter their ideas and turn it to a novel product.

to be continued



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