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Open (Source) Innovation II

And How OI Meets with AI!

You can tell any story with a bucket of Lego.

Since I was a kid, I always liked playing with Legos. It lets you create whatever you want with the pieces you have, but I should say that I was getting mad sometimes if my parts were not enough to make the thing I wanted. I am not very sure where they are right now, in a pile of garbage — or got burned and smashed — or already dissolved to strange pieces of plastic?
Years later, while I was surfing the internet, I discovered the Product Idea of LEGO, a program developed for people like me who wanted to share their dreams on legos. It was letting people create whatever they wanted with the lego bricks! They let the users share the designs of their goals lego, and later they analyze how many people are interested in the design. On their website, they let people vote which scenario is more wanted! LEGO then turns it into a product and markets it. Create and Share site lets LEGO community members share their creations and LEGO figures, while the Ideas site points for new product releases. LEGO is an example of how to engage your users to create more value.
For example, the mini-One Piece Thousand Sunny and Mugiwara Team Lego set is a community-based idea that originated in Lego Ideas. When the number of supporters reaches 10k, LEGO evaluates the design, hitting the stores under the Lego Ideas product label. But my favorite project, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to the production stage, and it’s expired :(

My favorite product idea as far! (It expired, unfortunately)

The community produces thousands of different ideas yearly, which means that an external source also designs products free of charge that people might want to buy. This open innovation approach to product design is critical for Lego’s successful brand and keeps their brands at the top of the market.

There are three forms of open innovation. Companies can collaborate by sourcing new ideas or technologies from suppliers, other firms, consumers, and employees.

Let’s learn the types of OI

Three Forms of Open Innovation

Outside-in: Sourcing designs externally to resolve problems or improve!

Inside-out: Sharing ideas and intellectual resources with the outside to collaboratively design new business possibilities.

The Lego example is the Outside-In: Crowdsourcing type of OI.

The OI meets with AI

As in every field, AI shows itself and helps to make things easier. A study from Oxford University says that A.I. will replace up to 45 per cent of jobs within 20 years. Open innovation takes on a new definition as AI will analyze what’s out in the open digital world. Combining inner data and open data will lead to discovering the best ideas suggested by the algorithm.

AI can work with thousands-millions of data coming all over the product and its interfaces while it would take humans years to understand and come up with a better idea out of it.

OI process supported by AI can be:

  1. AI helps to generate innovations.
  2. AI overcomes human limitations in information processing.
  3. Artificial intelligence redefines how innovation is organized.
  4. AI exerts a transformative impact on the digital organization of innovation.
  5. AI can detect the problems that the companies need to focus on. And can also find solutions to the problems across the industries.

Everyone leaves a digital footprint on the internet. In many industries and sectors, AI seems to take on repetitive and data-intensive tasks in the future. For open innovation, this means that the scanning, searching and matching part of the job can be replaced with robots. And next, everything is up to the teams!

I said at the end of my other post that I would write about idea filtering, but I was able to write about AI and OI forms. In the next chapter, I will compile what I learned about filtering.

Until my next post, take care of yourself for the sake of our beta releases!



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