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ARIZONA: Exports Give Dairy Family Hope for Next Generation

For Paul Rovey and family, running a busy farm isn’t work. It’s fun.

Paul Rovey sees a big world beyond his Arizona farm. He wants to reach it with more dairy exports.
Arizona dairy farmer Paul Rovey cares for his animals.

VIDEO ABOVE: Hear One farmer’s vision for exports

Emil Rovey bought land in 1943 where his son and grandsons still farm today.
Paul Rovey, right, and son, Brett, enjoy their life on a dairy farm
Get more state-by-state export data at
Paul Rovey’s children — the next generation at Ponderovey Dairy. Four work on the farm.
Paul Rovey, right, says his grandfather didn’t even think of exports when he began dairy farming in 1912. Today, one out of seven milk tankers leaving American farms are turned into products and ingredients sold overseas, giving his son, left, hope for the future.



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Mark O'Keefe

Mark O'Keefe

I tell the story of U.S. Dairy exports.