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Got Jobs?

NEVADA: Exports Revive Farmer’s Dream

Could a family farm that began with just six cows reach 1,000?

October 12 is National Farmer’s Day, a time for inspirational stories about people like Daniel Perazzo. #NationalFarmersDay and #UndeniablyDairy
See videos of other farmers like Daniel Perazzo, undeniably devoted to dairy.

Got Jobs? Dairy Does.

  • 978,000 American jobs directly.
  • Another 2 million jobs indirectly.
  • $628 billion in total economic impact.
  • $64 billion in business taxes.
  • More than 1 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Info bundles like these show the dairy industry’s economic impact state-by-state.

A different world than his grandfather’s

Recorded in a spiral notebook

Families own more than 95 percent of U.S. dairy farms

Pooling resources and taking out loans, the Perazzos built a barn that enabled them to expand their herd. Daniel Perazzo is right, Alan left and David center.

When the dream seemed dead

“I told myself this dream of 1,000 cows is never going to become a reality,” recalls Daniel. “We were stuck. We couldn’t grow. We couldn’t go anywhere.”

A DFA plant rises in the desert

“We didn’t really look at the risks,” said Daniel. “We said this is our chance. Let’s go.”

This video by the U.S. Dairy Export Council tells the story of a farm family’s American dream.
It took nearly 30 years, but Daniel Perazzo’s childhood dream became a reality when he penciled in 1,035 (cows) into his calendar on February 8.



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