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Got Jobs?

INFO BUNDLES: How Dairy Creates Jobs & Tax Revenue in Your State

Data first released in 2018 and updated in 2019.

Each state info bundle includes a cover page, economic fact sheet and export data, like California’s above. Our motto: “Dairy creates jobs. Exports create more.”

Scroll to find your state listed in alphabetical order.

Click your info bundle. Your PDF will download.

An info bundle for the United States as a whole is directly below.

Data on the United States as a whole
Alabama | Arizona | Arkansas
California | Colorado | Connecticut
Delaware | Florida | Georgia
Idaho | Illinois | Indiana
Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky
Louisiana | Maine | Maryland
Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota
Mississippi | Missouri | Montana
Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire
New Jersey | New Mexico | New York
North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio
Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania
Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota
Tennessee | Texas | Utah
Vermont | Virginia | Washington
West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming



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Got Jobs?

Data and stories showing how dairy creates jobs and exports create more.