VIDEOS, DATA and MORE: Dairy’s Surprising ‘Jobs Machine’

Watch the dramatic economic ripple effect in Calif., Wis., Texas, N.Y., Fla., Penn., Ohio, Ill., Minn. and Mich.

Mark O'Keefe
Jan 4 · 5 min read
The dairy industry supports more than 89,000 jobs in Michigan, as illustrated by this state video for the Wolverine state.
The dairy industry is a “jobs machine” that generates employment, tax revenue and more for every U.S. citizen in every state. Chart:

In California alone, the dairy industry supports more than 390,000 jobs and pumps $98 billion into the Golden State’s economy.


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1. California: 390,175 jobs

2. Wisconsin: 215,128 jobs

3. Texas: 203,254 jobs

4. New York: 183,375 jobs

5. Florida: 150,712 jobs

6. Pennsylvania: 137,653 jobs

7. Ohio: 114,053 jobs

8. Illinois: 109,967 jobs

9. Minnesota: 99,455 jobs

10. Michigan: 89,480 jobs

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Got Jobs?

Stories and data showing dairy creates jobs and exports create more jobs.

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I tell the story of U.S. Dairy exports.

Got Jobs?

Got Jobs?

Stories and data showing dairy creates jobs and exports create more jobs.