VIDEOS: Dairy’s Economic Footprint Supports 2.9 million American Jobs.

From New Jersey to California, dairy’s economic ripple effect creates millions of jobs. Videos help tell the story.


Learn how dairy products pump $628 billion into the U.S. economy.

Arizona dairy farmer Paul Rovey is bullish on the future of exports.

A Nevada farm family illustrates how dairy creates jobs and exports create more, fueling the American dream.

Beranna Dairy in Idaho is an example of how 95 percent of U.S. dairy farmers are family-owned operations (courtesy of Dairy West).

When cheese buyers from China visit a state-of-the-art U.S. dairy it can lead to more U.S. dairy exports, more jobs and more economic impact (courtesy of Dairy West).

The image above is a photo, not a video.

More to Come

Watch for upcoming videos showing dairy’s economic footprint in this space. You can also track on social media by searching for the hashtag #GotDairyJobs.