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Daisi Shutting Down

I’m sad to announce that Daisi Technology, Inc. will be shutting down.

The Daisi platform will be taken offline by November 15. For our many enthusiastic users, we ask that you save or download any work and data as Daisi will be unavailable after that date.

Daisi APIs will also cease working by November 15; please make alternate plans for any APIs you are calling on the Daisi platform.

While we are not aware of any direct replacement for Daisi, here are some other services with related functionalities that Daisi users may want to explore:

Some Background

Daisi launched in June of 2022 and has been home to a growing community of users who have seen the power of nearly-effortlessly deploying Python functions and apps in the cloud via the Daisi platform at app.daisi.io.

Since our launch, we’ve been proud to have hundreds of impactful and useful ready-to-call Python functions deployed on Daisi — all with ZERO DevOps needed:

Number of Daisies (Python Serverless Functions) on app.daisi.io

One of Daisi’s key features is we automatically add an API to any Python code… and we’ve seen Daisi APIs called tens of millions of times:

Cumulative API Calls to Daisies

However, despite our growth and best efforts, we were not successful in raising a venture capital funding round within our needed timeline. Without new funding on the immediate horizon, we have made the difficult, but necessary, decision to wind the company down in an orderly manner.

Kudos & Thank You’s

To our community — we are so in awe of the many amazing Daisies you have built. We hope you will find new homes for your applications and APIs — and that you continue to delight YOUR users. We also have appreciated, and taken to heart, every bit of feedback, and every suggestion you’ve given us — this has been a tremendous gift. Thank you.

To our Hackathon participants — you have made some impressive submissions! Please know that we are continuing to judge “Round 2” and we will announce the winners soon. All prizes will be awarded as advertised. (We’ve set aside funds for that.) Stay tuned for the announcement.

To our Daisi team members — you are all incredible! You have built something we can all be proud of and I know the Daisi alumni network will go on to achieve amazing things! Let’s support each other and stay in touch.

To our investors and Board — I and the whole Daisi team are grateful for your support, advice, wisdom, and professionalism; I know this is not the result you (or we) were hoping for. Thank you, nevertheless, for daring to dream big with us.

Final Thoughts

“The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” — Roy T. Bennett

Thank you once again for the many, many people who contributed along the way. While I wish I had better news for everyone, and I know this may be a setback for many, I feel confident that all of us who were involved in this journey will, ultimately, come away stronger for it — and better for our time together.




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Eric Tilenius


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