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Daizy Dennis — Double D News #002

What a wild, wet and steamy ride the past two weeks has been

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

I’m thrillled to have reached 3000 views in 30 days.


By sharing my work, and getting it to more readers I’m growing my business and credibility as a writer of erotic fiction.

I’m also able to produce more work for you to enjoy.

Win win win and win!

Over the past two weeks

I’ve written more about Theodore and Charlotte, I’m upping their game, so they will be in a book soon.

My Billionaire Boss Babe is getting a personality all of her own, so maybe I’ll push her on to the pages of a book too.

What do you think she should get up to next?

I’ve written a retro lesbian steamy, I’d love you to check it out and see if you think I’ve done it justice.

Thanks to Bella Cooper for the challenge thrown and writing prompt.

What’s a writing prompt?

It’s anything from a few words, to a set of brief instructions and ‘facts’ you need to include in your story. It gives the writer an opportunity to let their creativity flow.

If you want me to write something hot or romantic, why not give me a prompt?

As always — let me know what you like, highlight, applaud, share and most of all enjoy.

My Books / Collections of Short Stories

‘Cockpits and Caresses’ is themed around uniforms, airports and aeroplanes

You can find my books HERE

Why not share your fave stories, and join the Double D community on Twitter.

Thanks again for your gorgeous support. It’s why I’m here.



Delicious Desires

Empowering Erotica




💋Erotic fiction, hot and steamy romance, empowering, fun, sexy erotica through to sensual romantic ‘fade to black’ always strong women and happy endings. Some are NSFW! 🔥 Find us on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow us! We love your ideas, so tell us what you want. ❤️

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Daizy Dennis

Erotica, romance, adult fiction, sex, feet, short stories, consensual, empowered women, HFN. 5 x Top Writer. Ghostwriter. https://bio.link/daizydennis💋

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