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Daizy Dennis — Double D News #016

Created by Daizy Dennis in Canva

Hello, am I in your box?

Quick Update

My website is up and you’ll find my latest book releases there too.

Is there something you’d like but can’t find on the site?

I’ll be building it to meet your creative steamy needs, so please give me feedback if you’d like something else on there.

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HUGE sloppy kiss for your support, want to share a mug of steamy tea?

A few you might have missed

Two hotties and a non x-rated romance.

Read This Story
Read This Milky Story
For the romantics — read it here



Delicious Desires

Empowering Erotica and Steamy Romance




💋Erotic fiction, hot and steamy romance, empowering, fun, sexy erotica through to sensual romantic ‘fade to black’ always strong women and happy endings. Some are NSFW! 🔥 Find us on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow us! We love your ideas, so tell us what you want. ❤️

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Daizy Dennis

Daizy Dennis

Erotica, romance, adult fiction, sex, feet, short stories, consensual, empowered women, HFN. 5 x Top Writer. Ghostwriter. https://bio.link/daizydennis💋

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