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Daizy Dennis — Double D News #018

Which themed short story collection is your favourite?

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At the end of this newsletter I’ll share a few of the Medium stories I’ve written since we chatted last.

Quick Update

I’m writing a new series of steamy novellas. They include successful women and the men who bring out their steamy, romantic side.

My newsletter fans will be the first to find out about the release, and will get exclusive free content too.

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Short Story Bundles

I know how annoying it can be when you scroll to find that story you loved, and it’s hidden somewhere in the long line of other posts. Those posts that don’t quite hit the spot.

I’ve created bundles of short stories my theme, so you can download them to your phone or e-reader and have them at your fingertips whenever you get the urge.

One collection is FREE to download

Another FREE if you are on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

The rest are priced at less than the cost of your steamy latte or hot espresso

Artist Aroused

Billionaire Booty Calls

Cockpits and Caresses

Educating Charlotte

Getting Hot At The Gym

Hot Moms Satisfied (FREE on KU)

Millionaire Seduction

Soldiers Stripped

Watchers and Webcams (FREE on my website)

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How You Can Support My Work With Just A Few Extra Clicks

Applaud / clap a story 50 times (Yes Medium kindly allows that!) and that will let me know which stories are most popular.

And it can boost my posts so I earn a little more from the story.

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Erotica, romance, adult fiction, sex, feet, short stories, consensual, empowered women, HFN. 5 x Top Writer. Ghostwriter. https://bio.link/daizydennis💋