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OWYM, First Impressions

I Think I Just Met My New Playmate

I watched as he picked up his coffee cup. Strong dark hands, neat, maybe manicured nails. He held the mug in his hand, one finger slotted casually through the handle.

I Think I Just Met My New Playmate — www.daizydennis.com
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro




💋Erotic fiction, hot and steamy romance, empowering, fun, sexy erotica through to sensual romantic ‘fade to black’ always strong women and happy endings. Some are NSFW! 🔥 Find us on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow us! We love your ideas, so tell us what you want. ❤️

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Daizy Dennis

Daizy Dennis

Erotica, romance, adult fiction, sex, short stories, consensual, empowered women, HFN. 5 x Top Writer. Ghostwriter. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/daizydennis💋

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